Name of organisation in original language IK4-LORTEK
Postal address Arranomendi kalea 4A 20240 ORDIZIA (Gipuzkoa)
Country SPAIN
Contact e-mail
Category Research and development
Activity description


IK4-LORTEK is a private non-profit research institute that was set up with a clear commitment of acquiring knowledge and expertise in materials, manufacturing processes and joining technologies for further transferring it to industry. LORTEK is located in a strategic place of the Basque Country surrounded by a robust industrial network. Our efforts are clearly industry oriented, developing integral solutions for manufacturing technologies with high performance materials.
IK4-LORTEK belongs to the IK4 Research Alliance that gathers 9 Research Centres, including 1,400 researchers, which has a strong participation in European projects.
LORTEK has broad expertise in different technologies of Metal Additive Manufacturing (SLM, LMD, WAAM), joining processes with arc and laser technologies, deep knowledge on metallurgy of Ni superalloys, steels, Ti and Al alloys, and wide understanding in characterisation, non-destructive tests, simulation and evaluation and control techniques. The main research done by IK4-LORTEK is applied to aeronautic, aerospace, automotion, medical, tools and moulds, energy and industry sectors among others.