Name of organisation in original language ADDILAN
Postal address Eguskitza 1 48200 Durango (Bizkaia)
Country SPAIN
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Category MAM equipment and solution provider
Activity description


ADDILAN FABRICACIÓN ADITIVA is a new company, founded by two emblematic machine tool manufacturing companies. ADDILAN designs, produces and sells high deposition rates additive manufacturing machines, based on WAAM (Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing) technologies.
Focused towards high added value components market, medium-large size components from various industries such as aeronautics, aerospacial, energy and naval. ADDILAN works with a wide range of materials such as steels, superalloys, alluminium alloys and titanium alloys. ADDILAN machines include a close loop control and an inert chamber with a loading/unloading system which assures part and environmental quality during the manufacturing process.