Name of organisation in original language GAIKER IK4. Centro Tecnológico
Postal address Parque Tecnológico, edificio 202 – 48170 – Zamudio – Bizkaia
Country SPAIN
Contact e-mail //
Category Public bodies, programmes and initiatives related to MAM & Aerospace
Activity description


GAIKER-IK4 develops and adapts polymeric materials (thermoplastic and thermoset) to 3D printing and combines additive manufacturing in product and process development together with other plastics and composites moulding technologies. GAIKER-IK4 also performs the characterization (physical, mechanical, microscopic, rheological, reaction to fire, aging) of 3d printing materials and printed products, and studies surface fictionalization through coating techniques. In addition, GAIKER is specialized in combining additive manufacturing with plastic and composites forming technologies though design, construction and validation of moulding prototype tools for short series.  We have the following catalogue of pilot plants for processing plastics and composites: RTM-infusion, filament winding, pultrusion, injection, SMC, compression, thermoforming, rotomoulding, lamination, Flexography, Gravure, Serigraphy, aerography.